Ecommerce shop creation

If you have a shop that sells a variety of goods and do not have electronic shops then you lose a lot of customers. New customers you can attract the help of the online shop. Creating online stores rapidly gaining in popularity and more and more companies are acquired by online stores. This is a very fast, convenient, simple, safe way to purchase goods or services. The buyer or the client does not need to leave the house to buy goods or services using your online store. E-shop provides a visual products, and provides detailed product descriptions, technical specifications, prices, discounts, etc., who are interested in user, choice, and everything – in one place for your e-shop! Contact us and we will provide you the best deals.

We offer an open-source e-commerce platforms (OpenCart, Prestashop which allows you to have an unlimited amount of goods but Magento minibar for many goods store will also have to give a little faster operating principle). You are quite easily able to manage your e-store, and you will not have to pay any additional fees for administration.

  • Free integrated site loading time module that will allow your website to recharge much faster. This is important for SEO, because as soon as charged in your site, the higher position in search engines. In addition, visitors are more satisfied when you do not wait long to charge Web pages. Web site speed can themselves try our demo online store.
  • Easy Google Analytics integration to your e-shop. Simple and convenient, you can view your email address. shops daily, weekly or monthly sales reports, you’ll see most watched and most popular products, and many other features. We will explain how to integrate this powerful e-mail. store visitor attendance statistics to plug your web site.
  • Convenient payment for your goods or services. You can choose your preferred payment – bank transfer, cash, or internet banking (installed separately).

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Web pages creation

Website – not just your business card on the Internet, this is the information channel, which you must exploit. Remember that this is not only the simplest, fastest, but also the cheapest means to reach potential customers. Since inception already created more than 100 web sites of varying complexity, it will help create an effective website for you.

Programming services

Site programming services include the creation of new sites and existing sites management services. We perform individual programming services for non-standard projects. The software, produced by your company or personal needs. Programming services negotiable, depending on the requirements of the project scope, complexity, and time limit.

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