Programming services

Site programming services include the creation of new sites and existing sites management services. We perform individual programming services for non-standard projects. The software, produced by your company or personal needs. Programming services negotiable, depending on the requirements of the project scope, complexity, and time limit. Each system is manufactured individually according to customer needs and requirements. Larger projects in a standard programming works price – 8 Eur / hour + VAT. Precisely defined projects can capture the total project cost of

We provide the following services:

  • The new systems (ERP, CRM, registration, etc.).
  • Already existing systems development, conversion;
  • Already existing systems debugging, code optimization;
  • Designing, testing requirements of the formation;
  • Systems installation, training to use it;
  • Maintenance.

We also offer a variety of custom solutions to help attract additional income:

  • Online ticket registration system;
  • Gift coupons Generating System;
  • Hotel room booking systems creation;
  • Various kinds Reservations: hairdressers, clubs, bars, theaters, concerts…
  • Product ordering system for the wholesale and retail trade creation;
  • Mass e-mail sending program (spammers) production;
  • Online car rental system development;
  • A multi-purpose electronic catalog creation;
  • Commodity prices, features or services in comparison systems;
  • Online warehouse system development;
  • Procurement and sales documents;
  • Document Module accounts and report generation, archive

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